Financial crisis caused by the beautiful encounter Taobao fund

First close contact with the Taobao

and the fund has triggered a financial tsunami, the greater significance is self-evident, but this beautiful encounter actually also let Taobao is not only in the teeth of the storm, led to fierce competition in the electricity supplier industry is also based on the traditional financial sector challenge, in terms of flush and day fund net and three party funds, the balance of treasure Alipay has become their potential adversaries.

platform to seize the current fund

Alipay launched the balance of treasure Celestica fund demand to fund the current fund size of the first throne, raised about 6600000000 yuan in just ten days for Celestica fund, not including the purchase of funds in transit, which makes those who demand funds can not find the source of the fund, all eyes of course, the third party fund sales company nor from a slice, at least those patterns originally have been broken, the purchase and redemption fees will become history.

in the current fund industry downturn, the current fund is the new profit point of many fund companies, although able to provide users with higher interest rates, but fund companies through asset reorganization, can actually get more profit for the fund, but requires a certain scale of funds, or frequent changes in demand under the condition that the fund company is also very difficult to obtain more profits, this is why the current fund companies on the one hand, to actively cooperate with Alipay, but also worried about the amount of spending may lead to massive depletion of funds risk.

balance treasure hidden

when a lot of funds for the balance of treasure from day funds feel envy at the same time, the Alipay team, in fact, closely combined with the fund and the payment system, especially based on current application, will also face the risk of massive redemption, perhaps in peacetime should not but the questions, such as last year’s day day the about 19000000000 big sales records, which for Celestica fund, is undoubtedly a great threshold, perhaps a fund of stock funds will decrease rapidly to historic lows, if the situation is serious it will face the risk of out of stock, then the profit prospects will cast a shadow.

Of course,

now only the balance of treasure and Celestica fund a fund company, the huge capital scale is likely to offset this risk, which is currently the only key to keep Alipay strong and Celestica fund company where. But if Alipay just demand market, so for Alipay, does not have the value-added space, it is also lie in the Alipay financial stumbling block.

, perhaps in the near future, Alipay launched a new form of fund portfolio, or closed-end funds and cooperation, or cooperation and a high degree of risk fund mode, through the diversified operation of the fund, from the corresponding purchase and redemption fees, points a piece. After all, when Alipay and traditional financial.

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