Roseonly Flower electricity supplier how to play concept card

Tencent technology Xu Shuzhi reported on October 29th

with the increasingly clear pattern of electricity providers, the field of interest in the field of electricity providers have been greatly inferior. In such a market environment, flower electricity supplier Roseonly successfully obtained up to nearly ten million U.S. dollars B round of financing, once again aroused the attention of the industry.

it is reported that this is a flower vertical electricity supplier Roseonly in the establishment of less than a year’s time to get the third round of investment, the speed of financing almost record.

will be exhausted exhaust all the skills "selling goods" into "sell feelings", thus giving the platform commodity unique values, is the main impression left the industry Roseonly.

"only love you" concept of love

Roseonly the main rose to life send only one person "is the management idea, the price is often used to express the digital combination sweet lovers, like 3 flowers priced at 520 yuan, which means" I love you ", the 18 single price of 1314 yuan, meaning" for life".

Roseonly will buy and sell goods into Guardian love to love the concept of their own to create a flower industry electricity supplier brand.

Roseonly at present, mostly through the network channels to sell products, when consumers go to the official website to buy Roseonly products to fill out the information, will receive a reminder: Roseonly rose, a lifetime can only give a beauty. This product would like to pass a signal: Roseonly witness, you are the only one in his life. A female researcher had this analysis, boys want to capture the girls heart, except to say "I love you", more important is "I love you" declaration.

Roseonly although life only one person is the main business philosophy of Roseonly, but Roseonly did not limit the market in the lover, Roseonly flowers can also be sent to parents and other relatives. This is expanding its market, but also by other flower electricity supplier that life only send a person concept is just a gimmick Roseonly.

however female consumers of this concept of marketing is quite buy it. According to an analysis of electricity providers, like diamonds and luxury goods, women always love the concept of romantic. From Roseonly micro-blog forward users praise, the majority of ordinary users in the proposal, Valentine’s day and other special circumstances to buy the brand flowers.

to solve the supply problem

for how to create a unique product in the supply level, Roseonly also has the corresponding explanation.

founder Pu Yi told the media briefing, the store rose mostly from the Amazon basin, located in the Andes Mountains at an elevation of three thousand meters above the Ecuador area. Because this is the equatorial region, the altitude is high

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