Dismantling Tmall worry free purchase Alibaba stealth strategy exposure

Ali to make 102 years of business, data and technology driven "smart + service" is the foundation and core competitiveness." As one of the eighteen founders Ali Lohan, Alibaba’s chief customer service officer (CCO) Kardashian rarely appeared in public view.

in July this year, Alibaba’s customer experience division, rookie network, Tmall’s three division jointly launched the Tmall worry free shopping, and she led the team to the surface. On the face of it, branded service brand Tmall worry free purchase is more like a comprehensive service for consumers to upgrade, but behind it revealed a strong strategic meaning.

in an internal communication Alibaba, Ali CEO Zhang Yong special emphasis on this year to fight the battle of the 11, the purchase of which worry free. "Consumers can win", "the strategic meaning of Tmall free purchase manager Wang Licheng explained that the worries behind the purchase. In fact, in addition to the Ma team repeatedly mentioned on different occasions in the future of Ali’s three major strategies, globalization, the rural market and big data cloud computing, service upgrades are more like Ali’s secret weapon developed over a long period of time.

create super experience

careful users have found that in July, Tmall more and more on the details of the page, began to hit the Tmall worry free purchase of Logo.

is important free purchase how to play? Integration services as Tmall launched the brand, free purchase integrated quality assurance, seven days no reason to return and other basic services, including free proof of return "," pick out "," speed refunds, "long warranty" and a series of various kinds of flowers service. Based on your purchase data and integrity records, Tmall will be launched for different levels of members of the unexpected super service.

no matter from which point of view, Tmall are determined to become your online purchase of super nanny". You are only responsible for buying buy buy, the rest of the Tmall worry free purchase is responsible for helping you get.

with the main speed refunds and door-to-door service for example, buyers apply for 7 days no reason to return, the system will automatically respond by; if you are above the level of T2 member of Tmall. Tmall will advance refund to the buyer. If the need for on-site installation services, can call on Tmall "meow" master "," meow master "is home in the field of" drops "and" excellent ".". Wang Licheng explained that after receiving orders, meow master will take the initiative to contact with customers, and make an appointment time to install. Completed within the stipulated time after installation, need to install the mew master scene to take pictures and upload system, in the hands of consumers to get verification code, to complete the installation tasks. While consumer grade, will become an important indicator to consider the master’s meow.

now see the worry free shopping is more like a product development department, the future will be packaged into more imagination. Wang Licheng will be free to purchase the dismantling of nine vertical and three horizontal, three horizontal, including warranty to send equipment to worry, speed refunds of three dimensions, and 9th is to delve into every vertical line.

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