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Ma Yun speech (Han Lianwei photo)


technology news May 24th morning, sponsored by the Alibaba of the group second network engineers Knight line conference held in Hangzhou, Alibaba chairman of the board Ma made a keynote speech at the conference, he hoped that each man will have to produce network, active and effective role of the network technology, and promote the economic China change and social harmony. Sina science and technology for the exclusive support of the current session of the general assembly.

figure for Alibaba Group Chairman Jack Ma speech.

Ma Yun: Thank you, also welcome to Hangzhou to attend the conference, our net man, but I am not engineers, but I to be full of admiration, full of admiration, I also said a few days ago, I don’t think that I do not understand technology is shameful, because I know in Chinese in full the world is very much very skilled, proficient in technology, the technology for human life, because I can work with them, feel full of confidence is also particularly proud. So the man held a net meeting in Hangzhou, we are a few years ago the idea, to see so many China all around the world and network man who can master this year, top technology in Hangzhou exchanges, we have to come to my face, full of gratitude, thank you.

also special thanks to the Alibaba honored to be held together with the forum with China Internet association, get a lot of units, the global leadership, technical staff Dingli support, I think I got the name Knight line, mainly has a relationship with our culture, our culture is a culture of Jin Yong knight. I especially love the novel is Jin Yong’s novel "Knight", and I especially love Dan potian this person, very simple, simple because he created the ordinary people to do things, and truly do to persevere, still water runs deep, so the Chinese top master together in the Internet, because I think the Internet is the most important three, and most important, no matter you are engaged in technical or commercial or business or, three of the essence of the spirit of the internet.

is the essence of the first open, second is shared, the responsibility is the third. If you do not open, I think it is impossible to have the Internet, technology is the same, the same business, cooperation is the same. Share the greatest charm of the Internet is to share, all SMS and WEB2.1’s biggest success is to share with the customer, with the operation to share, share with employees. Because we do not share a lot of time, in fact, there are many isolated islands of technology in China, if you do not share out there will be trouble. Because when I work in 1997 1998 in Chinese Ministry of foreign trade and economic cooperation, I found the work of MOFTEC or customs or departments have very much information, but the information is not shared. If you do not come to share information that is dead. Third is the responsibility of the Internet on the whole society is very great impact on the government of China’s world politics, >

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