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must be in real life, many people have encountered such a scene: in a downtown area in front of the shop, placed in a sound, a sound hard wares, such as the entrance of the store hung "clearance prices only three days", "before the renovation of large stocks, only three days." advertising. Do you find one of the marketing tools, that is, with the help of the figures, the number of businesses to create a kind of the village did not have the atmosphere of the store, causing the attention of consumers. Of course, this is only a means to stimulate consumer spending in a few days you go to the store to see, may still stay in the last 3 days".

and on the Internet, e-commerce sites will also make use of digital to stimulate consumer spending, to improve traffic and sales, we can teach this active network from today to see a lot of group purchase case, the author will use several cases in the analysis of several common concrete.

1 with the data to create "things in order to dilute your" atmosphere

for those consumers scarce products tend to be more in droves, if you create a combination of scarce time urgent, so that consumers feel that the village is not the store may feel, so consumers buy Promotion chances will be greatly. In today’s Internet e-commerce industry, this means is the most commonly used, especially in some buy site.


in time, e-commerce sites typically use the countdown means, this will give consumers a sense of urgency, there will be no hint at this time will not buy goods, when consumers see the end of the time, the general would take action immediately, not directly buy, is immediately recommended to friends that may also comes with a hurry to buy, or come to an end."

in terms of the number of goods, often buy a lot of websites will be the first to predict the highest number, and then marked the limited number of orders to be fast oh." In the limited time of purchase, the number of goods is limited, it is difficult for consumers interested in the goods do not act.

2 digital contrast with the atmosphere, so that consumers feel cheap

first of all, we look at a classic case, there is a Book e-commerce sites in the sales of books, the development of three kinds of subscription sales package. The first is: the electronic version of the $55, $second is the print version of the $215, the print version of the third + electronic version of $225, in the sales statistics, the number of packages to choose the majority of three. In the comparison of the three price figures, consumers will quickly make judgments.

The price of

, nowadays many e-commerce sites in the promotion will be the market price and promotional price mark, and then crossed the market price, if we give only a promotional price, judge does not understand the market price consumers often do not. Given the market price has been compared with the help of

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