Millet secret 1 flat and fans marketing truth



editor in chief: wrong knife

Lei also fell phone.

In August 19, 2011

, a forum in Beijing garage coffee on the question facing the netizen "domestic copycat goods", Lei Jun took out a mobile phone, mobile phone fell in public demonstration. The other two millet co-founder Li Wanqiang, sitting beside Zhou Guangping, is xinjingroutiao. "The first two mobile phone fell once in Millet conference table, covered with a carpet, a demonstration of the SAT is Lei Jun. But this time, the garage coffee can real marble, ray always head high, standing throw, no matter how good the quality of the mobile phone hanging

! "

life hanging line, was the industry’s main view of millet, millet is also the head of the seven hanging on an invisible sword. Especially in the August 2011 to October, is probably the most suffering moments of life lei. He said, millet is one thing I can not lose, but also self pressure to lose this life on the practical". Since the August 16, 2011 release Lei codenamed "MIG" first generation mobile phone millet, Lei Jun and millet encountered waves like Tucao and cursing, the first 100 thousand sets of "MIG" success also determines a company’s life and death, questioning is the most ruthless "copycat", some people in the online Tucao: millet mobile phone reminds me of the Shenzhou computer, Lei Jun reminds me of Wu Haijun." Lei Jun explained action is performed in the mobile phone fell, all public. Fall from the height of 1.6 meters, hit the ground, the battery flew out…… Everyone exclaimed, mobile phone still boot, no problem.

an unprecedented company, in the unprecedented controversy and Tucao sound of fever. From MIUI – M chat millet 1 – millet 1S – millet accessories – millet youth version – millet – millet – 2S – millet box, as well as rumors millet TV, millet PAD……

is a turning point in April 9, 2013 Rice noodles Festival, Lei Jun announced for the first time in 2012, the sales revenue of millet mobile phone millet 7 million 190 thousand units, achieved revenues of 12 billion 650 million yuan, about 1 billion 900 million in taxes. The number of money caused widespread shock, also let millet had $4 billion valuation really fell to the ground, millet model has also led to a mobile phone industry wide trend. There are investors that, in these 3 years, the only wrong is the millet company.

in fact, millet: make a lot of people feel fantastic, even cannot read, very ruined visit. This is not a story of a company, but a new rule of survival, a new way of thinking with the Internet to transform traditional businesses. In the face of the mobile Internet tide, subversion of the traditional concept of overnight a lot of marketing management, products, business schools to teach the new pattern and style to a 10 speed way roared.

millet really bunker, 3 years of barbaric growth is called legend: created a new category of "Internet mobile phone", but also for the Internet.

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