29 ways to promote web content

how to increase site traffic? Here are 29 ways you can consider. Among them, you may have adopted some of the methods you may have forgotten to use, there are some you have never heard of. In short, here you can end up to the current effective website promotion methods. First of all, you must understand, website promotion is a long-term and systematic process, need to develop clear goals and plans, and make the appropriate preparation.

to the site’s most important keywords in the main search engine ranking, this is the search engine promotion of the most important strategy. Search engine search robot will automatically search the web content, so the search engine strategy from the optimization of the web page.

a, add the page title

Descriptive title

write 5 to 8 words per page content. Title should be concise "and" and "these unimportant words. To illustrate the page, what is the most important content of the site. The page title will appear in the search results page link, so you can write a provocative, to attract the search click on the link. At the same time in the home page content to write your company name and your most important keywords, and not just write company name. Each page of the site should have a title for the page.

two, add descriptive META tags

in addition to the title of the page, many search engines will search for META tags. This is a descriptive text. Describe the contents of the web page text, the sentence should also include the use of the key words, phrases, etc.. At present, with the keyword META tags have been of little help to the rankings, but sometimes META tags will be used to pay landing technology. And who knows when the search engine will once again pay attention to it?

three, in bold text page, the title of the article is also fill in your keywords

search engine is very important to bold text, think this is the content of this page is important. Therefore, to ensure that in one or two a bold text label to write your keywords. Try to avoid the important headlines are made in the form of pictures, not to make the entire home page is a picture.

four, make sure that the first paragraph in your body will appear keyword

search engine hope in the first paragraph of the text to find your keywords, but not too many keywords. Google probably will appear in the full text of 100 words each word of 1.5 to 2 as the best keyword density, can get good rankings. Other places can be considered to place keywords in the code ALT or COMMEET tags inside. If you can not guarantee that the first paragraph of the text keyword, you can consider some of the measures, such as a page to add a comment, etc..

five, navigation design should be easy to search engine search

some people use frames in Web authoring, but this is a serious problem for search engines. Even if the search engine finds your content page, you can

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