My story with domain name true story by beijing2008

how do I know the domain name

in March 2006, when I opened the game servers, on the understanding of the domain name, then do not know what is the domain name, only know to use it, do not know how to register, so every time the service has to ask my friends to help me get a domain name, but now I know that to me is two level domain name asked him to help me forward, I do not know how to use the domain name, and then I know the beginning of the domain name.

how do I register the first domain name

When the

in October 2006, and again when I miss the old people to think, to the domain name not good consciousness ah, others must go to the money, not as their own to register a domain name, but do not know where to register, do not know what kind of registration, on the point of opening a Baidu search for domain name registration look, a lot of home, then find a cheap place to register, the first found and age registrar, that COM was registered 60 yuan a year, feel good should not too expensive, I asked my friends, what kind of domain name registration is good, just to have a computer is understand the friend said to me, a good domain name can be a very high value, I said yes, he went to the Baidu search, found many domain name transactions, is really severe, a domain name can be sold for millions, I was thinking Not impossible, but it is difficult to control their curiosity, then made 3 days to see don’t know how many domain name information, understand what is called domain name, what kind of domain name to sell how much money is really good ah, this thing is so valuable ah, so I told my friend then, I also go to the registration point when to sell ah, you say what kind of good registration.

thought for a long time, finally registered the first domain name:, my definition is world wind, when the wind is very popular in the world Unicom, continue to see what is the domain name, I found that advertising is the loudest Chinese domain, Chinese well, my imagination is very good. Then registered second domain name is Chinese, is: China Netcom.Cn, because I was doing the project I found China Netcom, Netcom has been registered, there was an idea, which is to register down, then Netcom, the development of good, to their company, now want to really stupid ah, a Chinese 280 yuan ah, really expensive, but at that time did not care.

from domain name registration to do agents

is Chinese you imagine how good you can register much, then look at the computer everywhere advertising Chinese meters, saw an article about.Cn China: Chinese tea, although large, but Chinese tea is only one, the domain name is more valuable ah, on the Internet for 380 thousand, it is good to imagine ah, again next, the registered Chinese tea.Net, also at the time of Chinese Taiwan to send 2 pandas, one called round a round, the people of Shanghai registered "Pandas" domain name according to the "Xinhua Daily" reported that the 16 domain name was ".Com," round round ".Com", each a >

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