Website promotion method is the continuous mining or too observant of conventional standards

now the development of China’s Internet market is becoming more and more powerful, the team also joined the Internet to follow up on the Internet, it seems that grassroots is surfaced, where are. Perhaps some of the grassroots webmaster, promotion and operation optimization, the website of the method, have accumulated a lot of resources, some also have a lot, but after you have these resources, whether it is successful


regardless of whether we are grassroots webmaster, or other people who are doing it, we need to find some of their own methods, some of their own ideas. But when we meet the different industries, we also need to keep digging, but not for those too observant of conventional standards. earlier methods. Today, the network is easy to come to talk about this issue!

1 is more effective promotion methods too observant of conventional standards.


maybe I don’t have access to a variety of industries, I would think that those methods are very suitable for promotion. Perhaps for their own reasons, too lazy to find more ways to take those methods to do. But when you understand more of the industry, using the method which, you will feel a lot of those methods are not suitable for operation, and it is also very troublesome, even if you do, the effect is poor.

2, looking for the promotion of the industry

when you use those too observant of conventional standards. method, you can’t help but see your energy is all in vain. So in this case, we need to know more about this industry, for example, I now do the network game promotion, then I have to get some game thing, there are various game site information, understand the content more games and so on.

here I have done before in addition to using the method of promotion, more important to find the most effective method for the promotion of the industry, after all the games this site is the heat, so little to do with promotion methods, to attract more traffic or game player is not many.


method has been extended for everybody is very poor, but more people are still using the lead too observant of conventional standards., not very good results, but the effort is also very much, this is my first contact with the game website promotion feeling. We are in this industry, we must continue to understand, and constantly to find, to dig a better way to refute the advantages in this field.

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