Secret how to open the home to make money fast food store

in today’s society, some characteristics of the fast food restaurant is still very common, at the same time, in the fast-food business, how fast is the operators need to consider the talent shows itself, many, many entrepreneurs want to invest on their own, the following small secret shop fast food shop to improve the efficiency of the preparatory process.

1. fast food restaurant location. First of all, you should choose a good place to open a fast food restaurant. At present, the most popular Chinese fast food, working-class students, therefore, the restaurant location should be chosen in the floating population in local factories, office buildings, schools, commercial downtown area, the station, so as to ensure that there is sufficient source.

2. fast food restaurant size and decoration. Generally in the initial venture, will choose a relatively small scale. So the shop can save the initial investment, and can avoid the waste of business area. Decoration should accept the simplicity of style, bright color, give customers a pleasant feeling; the tables and chairs in the card tables and chairs can accept Western fast-food restaurants, such as a sense of the times, and to maximize the use of the limited space; the kitchen should also accept stainless steel tube made of material such as kitchen facilities to the customer, with a clean impression.

3. fast food variety selection. A plan for a class of fast food varieties, or planning meals, or planning or planning of noodles, pasta; another is to plan a kind of fast food varieties, and other two varieties by sector. It will be enough to add up to about 20 varieties. If a fast-food restaurant plan meals or pasta, soup and some at the same time the best plan to provide some free dishes.

4. fast food restaurant management plan. In terms of personnel recruitment, whether it is the kitchen chef, or the shop attendant, the action must be skilled and fast, to keep the fast food restaurant clean and comfortable image. At the same time in the face of customers to be warm and polite.   is a fast food shop; in the preparatory process, ready to work in the business process, prepared against want after, in order to better manage. Hope that we can successfully set up shop as soon as possible, access to wealth.

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