What are the differences between the north and South Entrepreneurship

different geographical location can not only create a different living environment, but also makes the business performance is different from the territory of China, a very large area, divided into North and south two camps in the south, in the north of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship is very different, not only is the industry or business are the difference, let Xiaobian introduce differences in Entrepreneurship in the north and the south, you will gain a lot of!

is well known, Beijing’s IT industry began in Zhongguancun. At that time, first attracted media attention was established in 1995 time yinghaiwei. At first, it has a billboard saying "go straight 100 meters is the Internet", set off the development of the Internet boom Chinese. Although Zhongguancun has now become the world’s largest IT products wholesale and retail market, but still can not change it as a leading position in China’s software.

, however, from the personnel composition, since 2000 after the Internet bubble burst, of which a considerable part of the talents, to stay in Beijing with the familiar software R & D, at the same time, Peking University, Tsinghua University and other domestic first-class university near Zhongguancun, which makes the software companies become more energetic. In 2009, Li Kaifu began to set up an angel investment institutions, Innovation workshop, opened an angel investment boom.

accompanied by several Internet Co have joined IT investment and acquisition circle, Beijing’s business becomes more and more passionate. These institutions help startups to solve the financial problems of the most difficult, and Zhongguancun has never lacked software talents, these factors make Beijing with risk investment funds early entrepreneurial projects, such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain like from the market to take out. However, most of the enterprises are negative assets or operations, they quietly waiting for A round and B round of investment, or waiting to be acquired, or waiting for the final ashes to ashes.

compared with the Beijing venture be in full swing, thousands of miles away in Shenzhen, it’s a different situation. In 1978, as China’s first special economic zone, a large number of foreign companies began to enter Shenzhen, the use of China’s low-cost manpower to produce goods. In essence, this is a business and provide service at the city. In this city, the vast majority of transactions are not goods or goods.

at the same time, Shenzhen is also a city known for its speed, "Shenzhen speed" only personal experience will have a deep understanding of. With a mobile phone a friend chat, he said that as long as you in a circle around North Huaqiang Electronics Market, you can buy a mobile phone to spell out all the parts; here, this is also a clear division of the city, here rarely hear people talk about the concept, to talk about the acquisition, the listing. Everyone is down to earth to do a subdivision of the market, the first to earn money to feed themselves is the most basic needs of entrepreneurs here.

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