What is the name of the hotel

wants to take the hotel on a suitable name, this work is not easy to do, especially under the current situation, the hotel can be seen everywhere so natural operators also need to refer to more factors, more attention to matters, grasp the principle of more. So, what is the name of the hotel? Let Xiaobian for you to analyze.

1, hotel named center principle

generally speaking, we give the hotel name, we must first give the hotel positioning, and the catering market is mainly including the source, set the product, set the quality, price, environment and other five aspects of the same. In the service industry, the five aspects of the content is mainly to the customer as the center, product, quality, price, the environment is like a car above the four wheels to the market as the main goal of the development of tourists.

2, hotel named simple and clear

hotel name should be simple and clear, do not be too obscure, so that the target guests can easily understand the meaning of the hotel name. Now when many restaurants named is very short, such as in Sichuan where more is the "Jinyuan Sichuan tube" and "plain" etc.. This well reflects the characteristics of Sichuan, is quite simple.

3, named the

Hotel easy to remember

Must be very well when the

hotel name, convenient for guests to the memory, and spread quickly, and to do a certain hotel name must pay attention to the language charm and smooth, and also consider to seize the consumer’s spiritual needs, to resonate with consumers, for those fun hotel name, consumers are generally remembered imperceptibly, such as "Bayu people", "Sichuan fat restaurant", "sea fishing Hot pot" etc..

4, hotel named custom

Chinese widely Bo objects, so the difference in terms of local customs and practices is relatively large, so the hotel in the name of the time must be carefully understand and give full consideration to the factors of local history, geography, customs and other aspects of the hotel, or your name slightly not what mistake, but can not stimulate consumers, instead of producing some negative the impact will be. Like someone opened a restaurant in the meeting area named "Bevi pig meat fresh package" zhe Ergen is a taboo in the Muslim customs do not eat pork, but this name is thoughtless.

hotel name is mainly to cater to a consumer preferences and taboos, and we in the name must take into account the local and local customs and practices, such as taboo, and now many than the comparison of the strange name business district is very hot. It is like "six brigade" "discount hotel" and so on

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