Snack car to join the project

has no store, no waiter, not a chef, you can open their own business trip, this is before the popular snack car franchise industry, fastfood car joins suitable for inexperienced venture capital and less investment entrepreneurs. Snack car in order to facilitate the investment to win a lot of small investors, but with the development of snack car business, the choice of more and more projects. So what do you want to do a good job of snack car project, to make a snack car business friends to look at it!

steamed vegetables

people on the clean, convenient and fast food needs more and more people in the country every year fast food market far billion. 2012 what is the most profitable snacks and now the majority of the disposal of fast food business in the brand, skills, products (mouth, nutrition), governance, there are a lot of circles in the lack of. Consumers seeking convenient at the same time, more looking forward to a high level of " " is." brand fast food;; steamed delicious steamed food with characteristic ".


in recent years in the city high streets and back lanes strange smell can be heard everywhere, squid, squid production technology wins in the formula, technology is not complicated, the investment is not too large, the small entrepreneurs choose a good project. Squid business can take the shop or stall, a more flexible way, look at the specific circumstances of individual investors. Stall business on the side of the school, shopping malls, parks, streets, night side, can be flourishing business. A squid shop or stalls (in fact can also run other barbecue stalls), a two person operation, a special tube piercing squid string and money, another person responsible for the production; if you want to open a shop of big investment, can have some help. In general, squid net profit in more than 60%, the benefit is very considerable.


eggs in Taiwan Zi burn is a popular special snack, the use of secret spices, and with minced meat and other fillings, brush the delicious special sauce, a bite, outer crisp and not greasy, inside tender delicious, homemade snacks to join.


is a large Jiujia snack in Yunnan Tengchong, is a block or silk Er erbium into cooking, rice or rice products are Er Si (traditional food of Yunan). The bait into diamond slicing, with fresh meat, ham, cabbage, onion, spinach, sweet, spicy, diced eggplant bad egg scrambled eggs, add a small amount of broth simmered soft, and then salt, soy sauce, MSG seasoning. Finally, sauerkraut and then boil a bowl of soup and broth with trays of rice on the table.

Takahashi muffin

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