What are the ways to run a good rural store

than the metropolis, many rural small consumer groups have been restricted, even if the business is not bad, but it is not hot, once more of a shop, business is down. Therefore, if you want to open a more popular shop, naturally need to find more ways. So, what are the ways to run a good rural store? Let Xiaobian to introduce you.

compared to the city shops, rural shops less traffic, narrow sales, low operating profit. This is the disadvantage of rural store management. But the store also has its advantages, it is rural shops, shops competition is less, the customers are the village folks, high loyalty. Therefore, if the retail shop in rural areas, in order to spend more money on the business, the store will be very prosperous business. How to run a good rural store, the following methods may wish to try.

one, to create a clean shopping environment

in rural retail shop, because the shop is located in the economic environment and the relatively backward rural areas, so do not pay attention to the store shopping, the store window glass shelf goods are messy, dirty, dirty floor…… So dirty and messy shopping environment, can make the customer satisfied and for goods at ease? A look at the city supermarket, the window display of goods ordered, spotlessly clean, clean the floor…… The customer himself, pleasant and comfortable shopping became a kind of enjoyment, can not forget.

therefore, located in rural shops, but also to learn from the city supermarket, even if not to store richly decorated, also want to shop inside and out, from the window, the floor to the counter, shelves, clean and neat, in order. In this way, the customer into the store shopping will feel comfortable, comfortable, will give the customer a good impression, the customer will have a sense of trust in the store goods, thus becoming a loyal customer shop.

two, to create thoughtful attentive service

in the rural areas, farmers’ normal life, is a work in the fields when busy, one is slack in the village to stay (of course, do not now than in the past, the young people into the city to work in the old man is still stay in the village). The main customers of the rural shops are farmers in the village, and the land is the main source of income for farmers. In the busy season, the farmers working in the fields from dawn to dusk, some farmers will not go home for dinner at noon.

if the rural supermarket in this part (a part) to the fields of farmers to carry out the delivery service, that will be welcomed by the farmers. The farmers only need to make a phone call, the shop owner sent Steamed Buns, PigHead meat, salad, Clay oven rolls, liquor and beer to the field, both for the convenience of the lunch farmers busy, but also greatly promote the sale of goods, in one fell swoop > two

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