Million super glasses shop in the store launched alliance mode to help the glasses shop to achieve O

O2O, one of the most popular vocabulary, the mobile Internet industry today, to give more individuals to participate in the opportunity to share this feast. In all walks of life have to test the water, the traditional optical shop is no exception, how to get rid of the plight of performance is declining? In the wave of mobile Internet, how to find new business model shop development? How to play O2O? How to realize the optimal input and output need? What kind of thinking? What kind of talent? What technology? How quick step, seize the opportunity, the future development mode, it will be locked to win in the future? All the glasses shop facing the problem of


as the first brand of network glasses glasses (, ultra billion is Chinese glasses industry O2O model founder, the introduction of a new model of super O2O model, the whole mirror match, caused a strong resonance in the industry, resulting in a disruptive change to the traditional glasses. Today, one hundred million super glasses shop in stores to join the model, help the national optical shop to achieve O2O mode landing, leading China’s glasses industry innovation business model.

maybe you will say, I want to join the ranks of the electricity supplier, but I have no talent, no technology, no strong capital accumulation, no…, ultra billion tell you that everything is not a problem! Join the ultra billion glasses shop, just a regular shop at the local, have a good sense of service with the identification of e-commerce development trend and a small investment can be


what is the purpose of the super billion glasses shop model in the traditional glasses store after the success of the union billion glasses shop in the store, 100 million glasses products will be settled in the local union store set up an independent super brand area. Relying on its ultra billion O2O operational experience and resources, will own a large number of customers into the local traditional glasses shop, so that customers can enjoy the technology and services at the same time, can choose ultra billion products in the traditional glasses shop, also can choose the traditional glasses store their products with super brand him! So, the traditional optical shops to get more resources, online and offline O2O transformation, to achieve a win-win situation.

join billion super glasses shop in the store, you can achieve the following advantages:

one, over 100 million through the network for the union of the optical shop to attract customers into the store, allowing you to enhance the annual turnover of 20% – about 50%.

two, 100 million free local customer data for the past ten years, mastered the customer data to grasp the future economy.

three, 100 million will be free for the League to develop localized website, the realization of various functions of the network.

four, 100 million online marketing, offline transaction mode, powerful combination is the future trend of the times!

as a member of the traditional glasses shop in you, if you are to enhance the performance of business model transformation for trouble, confusion, lack of electricity supplier personnel for anxiety, so you can contact the super store shop alliance


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