Cultivate loyal consumers to do three

no matter how good the product, but if you want to make business development, naturally also need to have a more substantial number of consumers. Of course, the opening of a new consumer is often more expensive than the development of a loyal consumer. Therefore, if you want to make a good business, may wish to cultivate loyal consumers. Consumers are the source of retail business, only to find ways to stabilize and expand the source, in order to ensure a good business. Admittedly, to some extent, it is restricted by objective factors, such as geographical environment, traffic conditions, economic development level, but also its own business philosophy and behavior.

I visited a number of retail merchants have a stable source, through field interviews and observation, found that the determining factor is not convenient external conditions, but they have done the "three points". So what is the magic of "three points" in the end?

mouth a little sweet. As the saying goes: "the sale is in one mouth." In cigarette sales process, to learn about consumer psychology, "how do", say good words. Here is nice, not only to promote the brand to praise, grasping the brand core selling point features vivid introduction, but also refers to the reception of consumers to warm and generous, timely seize the opportunity to praise the appropriate consumers, for example, consumers praise clothing, cars, etc., starting from the consumer side of the most familiar things. Resonate with consumers favor closer to consumers.

is a hard-working. And often, mainly manifested in two aspects: cigarette sales and cigarette sales. Cigarette sales, mainly to store and organize, and organize the smoke cabinet. Clean and tidy store, to a certain extent, will effectively attract the interests of consumers, improve the probability of consumers into the store to visit, so as to achieve more opportunities to sell cigarettes. Clean, generous display of cigarettes, from the visual to the consumer to bring a pleasant consumer psychological hint, to a large extent, consumers will have a more intense consumer impulse.

cigarette sales to consumers, in the promotion of cigarette brand, to keep smiling, warm and generous, active start from the details, provide considerate service for consumers, for example, consumers and enthusiastic greeting, pour tea to consumers and consumers into the store please rest. Through these details, so that consumers feel the importance of being outside the desired satisfaction, so as to better guide consumers to spend.

thick skinned. In the process of cigarette sales, not because consumers two times refused to give up the promotion of cigarette brand publicity, but should insist Aoyama do not relax the spirit, to continue the promotion to consumers. From a psychological point of view, one thing after repeated introduction, in people’s minds will gradually form a strong impression, will improve people’s awareness of it, so

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