Digital analysis of the status quo of China’s fast food industry

food and clothing is the most entrepreneurial venture of the small entrepreneurs. At present, China’s most popular choice is to join the popular fast food chain, in line with the people’s daily consumption. Today for you to analyze the development trend of China’s fast food industry.

in recent years, the fast food restaurant project repeatedly by joining the love. Fast food industry can be described as a fire again, fast food is very suitable for Chinese people’s eating habits, especially in the fast-paced second tier cities. Chinese fast food after nearly ten years of study, the introduction of Western fast food management technology and the concept and means of processing, began to perk up, wings growing, began to try cooking standardization, kitchen factory, business chain and scale.

and due to the operation of Chinese fast food has the advantages of small scale of investment, fast recovery of funds operation is relatively simple, so open Chinese fast-food restaurants have been many small investors fancy. There is a big difference between Chinese fast food and Western fast food. First of all, there is a big difference between Chinese and Western fast food. For the Chinese people, western fast food is just a kind of leisure food, can not eat, and Chinese fast food to solve the problem of customer’s eating.

style: 80% of people think that the western fast food style is very good, 32% of the people think that foreign dining atmosphere. Promotion means: 86% of people think that western fast food promotion means a lot, 34%  people think too much appetite, especially the family of the three, children between the ages of 4 to 10 years old. Health: 95% of people think that the dining environment western fast-food restaurants are hygienic, but also has 13% people have diarrhea reactions with   suspected tendency food is undercooked, summer is obvious. Environment: 92% of people think that the western fast food restaurant environment is very good, especially lovers, I feel very taste, a sense of class.

but note that any fast-food business varieties are not too complex, or both will make you a fast-food restaurant is no characteristics, but also virtually increased the workload of the kitchen and the restaurant became difficult to recommend

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