How colorful cold noodle special snack in Shaanxi

features delicious snacks, in addition to Shaanxi’s colorful cold noodle what kind of delicacy? How delicious, colorful cold noodle, the best choice for business with a small capital of entrepreneurs. If you to join the colorful cold noodle project, is very interested in hurry!

a cold noodle brand founder, Shaanxi cold noodle, China Post Bar main cold noodle business school founder Zhu Jun said: in the dog days, everyone has a special liking for cold noodle, give you a simple method of making seven of the cold noodle.

seven cold noodle good-looking delicious but also nutritious, because various colors are natural green vegetables and fruits made, vegetable juice is the main source of vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber and phytochemicals. So here to remind you that the different vegetable juice to keep healthy, maintain normal intestinal function, improve immunity, replenish water, which plays an important role in reducing the risk of obesity, diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia and other chronic diseases.



1. flour (500 grams) with high precision wudeli flour. 2 cucumber (2 root 180 g)

3. amaranth (150 grams) 4 pumpkin (100 grams)

B, seasoning:

1. (moderate) 2 salt water (4 grams) (in moderation) 3 (moderate)


4. garlic (6 valve) 5 red chilli oil (preferably by Hanzhoung No. 8)


and other kitchen utensils: steamer

D, production methods:

1, prepare all kinds of dishes.

2, the amaranth clean boiled water.

3, the pumpkin steamed into the steamer.

4, the 1 cucumber with multi-function cooking machine into juice reserve.

5, steamed pumpkin juice.

6, blanch the amaranth amaranth juice remove extrusion by hand, flour plus 1 grams of salt and salt water mixing. At first add some juice and stir into batter thick amaranth grain free standing up for 1 hours. Then add the flour in multiple amaranth juice, can not add a. While adding, stirring.

7, the flour will add 1 grams of salt, add pumpkin juice stir in the flour into a thick batter without particles, standing for 1 hours. Then add >

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