How to manage a car beauty shop

now more and more people want to proxy auto beauty items, although the industry with good market prospects, but for many new entrepreneurs, especially the lack of business investors, before opening a car beauty shop in the decision, it is necessary to study and master the management skills.

first of all, we are in the process of managing their own employees

whenever successful boss, are outstanding, also there is no lack of boss posture, but Xie Hanchao in the body but can not find the arrogant temper. Reporters in the square car beauty shop to see there are 8 employees, but Xie Hanchao told reporters that the 9, because there are his own. From the opening of the time, Xie Hanchao did not regard themselves as the boss, when not enough manpower, whether it is to pick up the water cannon to do car clean or lying on the table, lift, drill into the car at the end of maintenance, Xie Hanchao are willing to do it yourself. In the words of Xie Hanchao, he is the boss and employee, many bosses every day to his shop and collect some money away, but he is not the same, love work together with employees, we eat the same fun, the staff will be happy, feel respected.

then we have to master a technology: hand better than mechanical

car beauty can be said to be a special technical work, technical content is not low, so the staff selection is also more stringent, employees must be trained to all official posts, although a lot of work can be mechanized, but Xie Hanchao tells us that the market feedback is a problem, full mechanization the service is not suitable for the needs of the consumers, many machines will wash due to excessive force on the car damage results by many consumer complaints, the majority of our car care is still in the manual stage, so the investment in this industry should not be moving too fast, advanced technology does not represent most of the current market demand, the investment needed to be cautious be careful.

finally to the diversification of services

With the rapid growth of

Chinese automobile market, has laid a solid foundation for the development of auto beauty and maintenance and service industries, the growth of the automotive market and industry integration speed up, have an important influence on the development of the car maintenance and service industry, which requires more diversified services to adapt to. The development of a car beauty shop investment program, the car is a durable goods, when sales are relatively saturated, the maintenance of the latter become more lasting and important.

with car ownership is the increase of private car ownership, car beauty industry began to be known as a car, the so-called "seven points, three points, to keep the car repair new ideas gradually by the general car accepted. Knowing it, Xie Hanchao also follow the market to adjust their mode of operation, more diversified services, a recommendation

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