Shop cry up wine and sell vinegar name is not legal

shop signs are written in the operation of what, until we entered the store and found that it operates with its signs are not related, causing such a variety of reasons may be varied. But, this kind of "cry up wine and sell vinegar" type of shop name method is not legitimate, also need to carefully handle operators.

"post also sell clothes?" Yesterday, in the vicinity of Victory Street, Dagang, many people have heard this question. Originally, a clothing store has hung up roadside Chinese post signs familiar names and signs, people seemed to feel a little funny.

at the scene to see, this clothing store decoration really makes people feel weird. The color and logo of the signs are exactly the same as those of the China Post, but the yellow letters on the top are written as such. The sign of the lower right corner location is written on a certain dress four little words. That have no relevance to the signs of passers-by can not help but doubt: this shop sell it in the end is what?

with questions, the reporter entered the store, in the store, the reporter did not see the store’s business license. According to the owner of the shop, he himself was the postal workers, and this shop is also doing the postal business, so the sign is used on the postal logo.

now he is diverted to sell clothes, still use the original store, and shop signs didn’t change. This will not only save trouble, but also play a role in attracting customers. And to change the signs also involves changing the business license and many other things, so there is this alternative signs.

subsequently, the reporter contacted the port industry and Commerce bureau. Staff told reporters that such "cry up wine and sell vinegar" behavior is not allowed, if the replacement of business management content, should be on the shop signs were modified and modified to Industrial and Commercial Bureau business license. And this store is a sign of the China Post, the postal authorities to allow it to continue to use the logo is also questionable, if not allowed, the possibility of a lawsuit is great. Trade and Industry Bureau said it would contact the store belongs to the postal victory for its inspection, if found violations, will be punished according to law.

here are some offbeat name I see on the Internet, which is your own judgment, of course, some of these names is not standard:

feet: toe, Tama guozuying;

noodle: face to face;

Salon: the highest hospital, the NDRC, rounds, priority;

barbecue shop: think roast, high bake, I bake;

rice >

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