With the convenience of people will make business more prosperous

how to run a shop can be more prosperous business? This is a big problem that any operator is very concerned about. In fact, if the business can really be considered for the customer, so that customers shopping more convenient, I believe it is helpful to the operation of the store. In short, to do business, engage in business but a convenience for others, in their own work.

has not entered the retail customers in Xu Chuangao’s store, he heard the side of the phone, and record muttered: "a box of white wine, a bottle of wine, two bottles of juice……" Did not have time to greet us, then went on to say: "upstairs Aunt Wang home to the guests, can not go, you put these things to help her in the past!" He greeted the lover side quickly called watermelon, bring the cola, busy open.

01, Xiao Xu and love both laid off after in the business area to open a supermarket, although not what "lots of gold", but because the couple diligent, enthusiastic, generous, soon attracted popularity, the surrounding residents love to him here to buy things, he said here affordable genuine goods at a fair price. Now, their business has basically formed a fixed consumer groups, and many customers can enjoy the convenience of door-to-door, in order to facilitate delivery, they deliberately bought an electric tricycle.

Xu Chuangao said to buy this car has two advantages, on the one hand, convenient delivery, there is also a lack of convenience when people use, many customers have enjoyed this free service. In the business district of shops complex, fake commodities have appeared, it is impossible to guard against a lot of customers, but Xiao Xu has always insisted not to buy fake, genuine goods at a fair price, and also around to establish a good business reputation.

Xu Chuangao told us: "from the business is conscience money, want to do business, to win customer trust is a long process, but to ‘hit’ own ‘signs’, buy a fake enough. Such a deal is not worthwhile, we can not afford to lose." Is such a simple truth, some retail customers want to how many years, no trouble to understand, and finally come to a cold front traveling dilute.

although the retail demand market is indeed very large, but the current competition in this business is not weak. If you can not do a good job of related services, it is not easy to make a good business in the market. And through the above case is enough to show our consumers, with the convenience of people, in fact, really can make business more prosperous.

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