Zhengzhou ZhengXin chicken franchise

said chicken what join the project more fire, was ZhengXin chicken, as we see in the eyes, no matter where one can see the shopping ZhengXin chicken Home Inn, shop and video, to see to know, is the ultimate challenge in Huang Bo et al in the new position is to eat chicken. The ZhengXin chicken in the chicken industry. ZhengXin chicken as the hot to join the brand, is now all over the country, there are good in several stores, a 27 in the Plaza Dehua Street Shopping Plaza, opposite the Oscar studios in the people’s road to the East 100 meters away there is a store in Zhengzhou Wanda 27 there is a delicacy city. Is there a ZhengXin chicken franchise.

How to join the

Zhengzhou ZhengXin chicken

Dehua Street District 27 Shopping Plaza Shop is Zhengzhou ZhengXin chicken joined the franchise headquarters. Do not feel better than the direct shop service is better. In the 27 square of the store business is very hot, the service is good, a lot of people queuing up every day, is currently engaged in activities, 10 yuan a chicken, also send juice, which was originally very famous ZhengXin chicken is more popular. In Zhengzhou alone there are so many stores, which shows how the brand is now hot, so how Zhengzhou ZhengXin chicken joined


joined ZhengXin chicken needs to satisfy the following conditions:

1, the headquarters of the cultural

2, accept headquarters management

3, with entrepreneurial passion

4, with a certain amount of funds

5, have management ability

will be able to meet the above conditions, 27 over the square to consult the details of your city! Or you are looking for a ZhengXin chicken store to ask. If you can not meet the above requirements, it is recommended to be careful, so as not to join


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