Spring haze open energy saving and environmental protection supermarket rich king

spring is the northern region of the haze period, various environmental protection activities of the sales season is coming, in the current market environment, investment in energy saving and environmental protection purification supermarket has profit very much. Countries have been encouraged to support environmental protection projects, some cities have a certain amount of financial subsidies to the relevant enterprises. So at this time to invest in an energy-saving environmental protection supermarket is undoubtedly a correct choice.

this project has four major advantages:

two, product range, small to large to activated carbon, air purifier, the supermarket up to thousands of products, covering almost all the existing market in energy conservation and environmental protection and purification products.

three, the product gross profit rate is high, investors get the goods price of about 2-5%, gross profit in 100%-300%.

four, 020 model, combining line trading mode and online trading mode, which customers can see the products in the store, the choice of products, and then through the network purchasing products, and then through the store delivery confirmation, store the product is no problem, in the future to purchase products directly through a single network. This not only solves the problem of customer distrust of the product, but also to solve the problem of slow development of investors to the market. At the same time, due to the network trading model, customers can enjoy the after-sales service in any city stores.

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