Success can not rely on speculative college students to start three

entrepreneurship has been a hot topic, is also the focus of management work, for students, the National People’s Congress Zheng Qiang said in an interview with reporters, success can not rely on speculation, students start to "three".

on the entrepreneurship of college students, the National People’s Congress, Guizhou University President Zheng Qiang yesterday in an interview with reporters that China network, now exist blind phenomenon, some students think that as long as the bolder what can. He said he did not approve of the lower grade students have not read, it should be the boss, to university business cost, skill, duty. Zheng Qiang said he did not agree with the lower grades of the students have not yet begun to read, I think the boss should be the idea.

has since been so far, all according to major changes in this policy guidance for college students to provide convenient conditions. Recently, Hainan Province promulgated the program, encouraging college students to do a guest, the most suspension entrepreneurship can be prolonged to 5 years.

in addition to the "skill", Zheng Qiang believes that the second have a "capital", a person with knowledge of the abilities, investment companies, entrepreneurs will be willing to give you investment, which is an important part of the venture, indispensable. Third, he believes that is the highest level – "duty", namely integrity, which is fundamental to successful entrepreneurs. I personally believe that the integrity of education must now be incorporated into the University education. Now we all know that no one is lack of wisdom, who do not lack modern knowledge, lack of integrity."


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