How much is the fruit wheat tea

tea drinks to join the election fruit milk tea? How much fruit wheat milk tea investment? The distinction between general tea fruit wheat tea chain store, create unique market positioning, to drink fresh creative] as a whole concept, the products emphasize on-site production of specialty drinks, fruit tea added elements, innovative research and development of health tea, more tea break barrel model, to the professional development of tea and coffee for every cup of tea fresh extraction, and the introduction of E equipment, set the standard measure, in store appearance and overall packaging is more personalized packaging design to the natural white and green, so that consumers have to find everything fresh and new feeling, consumer demand for brand consistency and integrity.

want many fruit wheat tea, or any one brand to join the people want to know how many jiamengfei or investment, much needed, because only occupy a part of the franchise fee, but is used to ask jiamengfei? This part of the funds is the basic brand alliance company money. Therefore, according to the brand, will join the cost will be different. Even different regional franchise costs are also different.

so if wheat tea is how much money? Store, fruit tea jiamengfei wheat is 21800, if it is to do the regional agency, you don’t need the initial fee, but a fee, although the cost is high, but the whole market is you, will you join to join for others in your area. If the funds allow, of course, it is recommended to choose the regional agent.

in addition to join the fees, fruit wheat tea upfront investment but also a deposit of 5000, about 30000 of the first 10000 equipment, materials, decoration of around 30000, in so doing, the minimum required 75000 to open up a fruit wheat milk tea stores. There will be a return on investment, the specific reference to the cost of joining the price of milk tea.

[fruit wheat milk tea how much money to join]

fruit wheat tea fee yuan started, three stores are only a few fine million yuan, the price is quite high! Drink fresh fruit wheat creation has the strongest marketing departments, experienced business performance analysts, first-class R & D team and sales experience, experience the most abundant and most complete join the steering group, to join the main business in the store, can get sustainable development, stability. We take the customer as a teacher. With creative thinking and the pace of uninterrupted, will provide the best products to consumers, and to lay a foundation for the localization of management, and actively explore new markets.

technology transfer fee: 2-3 million (depending on region)

contract margin: 10 thousand (contract expires return)

Decoration Engineering fee: 2.5-3.8 million (according to the actual settlement amount)

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