Chongzhou precision investment platform significant results of the rapid development of electronic i

there are many cities in our country, the economic development of each city is not the same as the current situation, a city if you want to enhance their overall strength, can not be separated from the local enterprises have settled down! Recently, the "Chengdu, Chongzhou electronic information industry chain and Jabil supplier conference" held in Chongzhou city in Sichuan province. At the meeting, the investment cooperation agreement with the city of Tianzhi science and technology company, nine Wai Development Company, maoteng technology company, Keyi automation company, and Exhibition utfinancing, Jiandian science and technology company 6 electronic information industry enterprises signed a total amount of 3 billion 900 million yuan. The settlement of these enterprises will play a positive role in promoting the development of electronic information industry in Chongzhou and Chengdu.

it is understood that this meeting is the second in 2014 2015 in Chongzhou city of Sichuan Province, held in Suzhou city in Jiangsu Province, the third "Chengdu, Chongzhou electronic information industry chain and Jabil supplier conference, the three session of the general assembly a total concentration of 33 contracted projects. The meeting by the Chongzhou Municipal People’s government and the world’s third largest electronics manufacturing service America Jabil group jointly organized, Chongzhou city is constantly improve the electronic information industry chain, to promote the effective platform for leading enterprises to achieve the nearest facilities, the implementation of "precision investment".

According to

reports, as one of the three big city of Chengdu electronic information industry base in recent years, Chongzhou city continue to increase investment, improve the soft environment, giving prominence to the demand, the introduction of the electronic enterprises 87, agreement to invest more than 7 billion yuan, a good momentum of the basic form of electronic industry leading, cluster development ".

Chongzhou in order to effectively improve the strength of the city’s economic development, the Chongzhou precision investment platform results, the rapid development of electronic information industry. In May 2012, the Chongzhou Municipal People’s government and the signing and the introduction of Jabil Jabil Chongzhou project, 2015, Jabil Chongzhou project achieved 3 billion 600 million yuan output value, output value of 5 billion yuan in 2016. The next step, Jabil Chongzhou project will accelerate the pace of construction, and strive to build itself into the world’s largest production base of Jabil group.

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