How to develop the economy in Anhui

Anhui as the central city of our country, the provincial capital of Hefei in the future, although the economic development of Hefei is OK, but other areas of development is relatively backward, especially the current situation of the development of a broad concern in northern anhui! The revitalization, has always been a strong impulse of this ancient land. In recent years, with the rapid development of northern cities economic society, the revitalization of the pace is accelerating, but the problem of weak, weak foundation, still exists. How to make the revitalization of the go further, how to let the revitalization of break a new path, is currently being held in the province’s NPC and CPPCC ", representatives and members are each one airs his own views and suggestions.

some people say that, for millions of migrant workers become a bridge in the Yangtze River Delta docking; some people say, "let a loud voice in" singing group of city of Central Plains on the stage, some people say, let the water transfer project of Huaihe civilization awaken the glory of others suggest that North docking play a more important role……


, CNR network Anhui channel before the joint Xin’an evening news, Anhui network, is the revitalization of the topic, in-depth interview, and from today, launched the "one newspaper two" Anhui NPC and CPPCC special report.

at the beginning of January this year, the national development and Reform Commission announced "development planning" group of city of Central Plains, north of the Anhui province of Bozhou, Suzhou, Fuyang, Huaibei, Bengbu has become an important part of the city group, as the "m" shape space development pattern is one of the important "na". Join the group of city of Central Plains "," Anhui will face more stage.

how in the vast plains of the earth, singing loud voice of Anhui? Last year, general secretary Xi Jinping visited Anhui had pointed out that Anhui to rise in the middle of a new path. This sound is ringing in the ears. How to break a new path? Back on the Central Plains, north can even "Tianjin"; facing the Hefei economic circle, the East can be connected to the "Yangtze River Delta", the coordinated development of the road to go to take advantage of the location of Northern Anhui, is perhaps the best interpretation.

development bottleneck: infrastructure is relatively weak

National Highway 310, length of 1613 km, runs through Jiangsu, Shandong, Anhui, Henan and other provinces, is the central region of the eastern and western regions of China’s traffic artery". However, the same road, the road is different in different provinces.

before the car as long as you know the bumps in the territory of Anhui, the speed of vehicles significantly down." Hu Lei in Anhui Dangshan fruit wholesale business, often transported goods to and from the road, which has deep experience.

near the Spring Festival, but also to the peak season of fruit sales. For the speed of the vehicle, Hu Lei did not worry about the past. In December last year, recommended

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