A bucket of rice to join

no one in the world can easily succeed in business, do everything is so. It is also possible to experience all kinds of hardships in the entrepreneurial process, and you have done all the efforts in the past. Catering business to join the selected projects is the key to this can make you less cropper fewer losses.


barrels of rice is a well-known chain brand, was founded in 2012, has been struggling in the characteristics of fast food sales and chain business, successfully become the fast food industry leader. Relying on many consumers today, ah q barrels of rice brand awareness is growing, the number of stores also increased year by year, has gained more and more recognized by the investors. In the face of a Q barrels of rice brand so powerful market share and popularity, what business you want you are still hesitant, time is money, join us!


barrels of rice joining conditions:

1, the franchisee must be independent of the civil liability of natural persons or legal persons, good reputation, has a good character and integrity.

2, joined the business to really love the food and beverage industry, have a certain degree of determination and confidence into the food and beverage industry.

3, franchisees have a certain sense of identity on the brand identity of Ah Q barrels of rice, the headquarters of the business philosophy, business model and products, willing to accept the training and management of the headquarters, while maintaining a Q barrels of rice the credibility and reputation of the brand.

4, join the business must have a certain economic strength and operational capacity, the local consumption characteristics, eating habits have a certain understanding, but also bear the courage and awareness of the risk of failure.


barrels of rice join advantage:

1, brand advantage

Ah Q barrels of rice is taking the brand line, after years of development, has accumulated a high popularity and good reputation, the brand name has been popular in the vast majority of consumers. As long as the brand name, then the possibility of consumers will be higher.

2, product advantages

headquarters will give partners a stable supply, and ensure the timely update after, leading the fashion trend.

3, technical advantages

brand is committed to the standardization of the operation of the research and development, the maximum degree of streamlining the operating process, so that the franchisee can easily experience zero experience, fast grasp, to minimize the cost and time, increase profits.

4, Pei

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