Entrepreneurial Bole let 90 students start the project to fall

90 college students began to embark on the stage of entrepreneurship, they may have good business opportunities but lack of practical experience. The 4 college students in Wuhan lucky to meet "Bole", let their colorful pheasant breeding project in Huangpi jinguoyuan entrepreneurship.

however, 4 people took home $50 thousand start-up capital, but do not know where to start. At this time, as the Jianghan University College of life science research practice base in Huangpi Golden Orchard owner Liu Chaohua heard the news, the initiative to invite 4 people to his farm business, and as they drew more than 1000 square meters of venues in the farm, for they farmed pheasant. Liu Chaohua also make room for them, buy beds and other daily necessities for their accommodation.

"4 boys came to orchard, meal, dishes are too lazy to pick up. Now, they know the reasonable distribution of work done, full of sound and colour." On the side of Liu Chaohua told reporters, "help 4 students start, I also have a little ‘selfishness’ — their entrepreneurial success, also can add a new tourism project for orchard."


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