Transportation infrastructure construction of Zhengzhou Metro Line 2 to speed up construction

is the so-called: "want to rich first road" for the construction of transportation infrastructure, is a thing that can not be slack, especially with the rapid development of science and technology, the construction of the subway is also a matter of necessity. The morning of November 24th, the Zhengzhou city Orbital Corporation held a press briefing in the fourteen Bureau of China Railway Zhengzhou metro project department, the reporter learned that the two phase of the project plan, Metro Line 2 start at the end of the month. Because of the construction needs, will be along the green space and trees transplantation.

needs for the construction, the urgent need of Metro Line 2 phase two project of Huayuan Road Yingcai street to JINDA road side, Huayuan Road Kaiyuan Road to the green part of green space and trees of Jiangshan road seedling transplanting. After repeated on-site observation, and communicate with the garden department consultation, need to temporarily occupy space of 70 thousand square meters, transplanted Fatong, wax, willow, Mount Huangshan, Luan, cedar, Ligustrum, loquat trees more than 4000 trees.

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, after the end of the two phase of the construction of line 2, in addition to the entrance and the wind Pavilion and other ancillary structure of the long-term occupation of green space, the rest of the land will be returned to the green.

Zhengzhou city greening project management office Engineer Yang Yongqing introduction, the green and the trees were transplanted in 4 ways, the first is on the Green Road plant under the jurisdiction of enrichment and replanting, then transplanted into the square, parks and other public places, once again, will also be used as Guoji Road West, West Station Road West the new road greening, and finally the part will be transplanted to Xingyang high village nursery base.

Yang Yongqing said that the green construction team will dig up, lifting, transportation, planting, and later in a management, in strict accordance with the standard operation, start from the details, to ensure the survival rate of the transplantation in more than 96%.

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transportation infrastructure construction, Zhengzhou Metro Line 2 to speed up the construction, the future of the people of Zhengzhou will be more convenient to travel for the economic construction of Zhengzhou is also very favorable. Zhengzhou Metro Line 2 two projects for the northern extension line line 2 a phase of the project, along the line from Jiangshan Road, Kaiyuan Road eastbound to JINDA street, set Days Road station, Tianhe Road station, Jinhe Road station, cultural road station, Garden Road station, Jin Da Jie station. A total length of about 10.25km, 6 stations, including 2 transfer stations; the average station spacing of about 1.726km project started at the end of November 2016, completed by the end of 2018.

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