Shops set prices can make business more prosperous

as long as there is a transaction in terms of money, it will naturally relate to the price of the product, naturally it has a great relationship with pricing. I go into a fast-food restaurant, but found that for the menu, everything rose 1 yuan, so I asked the waiter, how are up. The waiter said: "now the price of vegetables rose sharply, we only rose." I know now that vegetable prices soaring, fast-food appropriate price is understandable, but the heart still feel uncomfortable.

when prices were rising in most of the fast food restaurants, I was surprised to find that a fast food restaurant had a very special price strategy. The restaurant I often go to the fast food, priced at 6-10 yuan, in the vicinity of the restaurant price situation, the restaurant played a high-profile advertising at the gate: the fast food shop all prices to 8 yuan uniform adjustment, ensure the taste, welcome new and old customers patronage!

since the day of the ad, the fast-food business is more popular than ever. I have several times to go to dinner, see there are some customers would like to stand there, and not because there is no seat to go home to eat.

the fast food restaurant had a cheaper price. According to the boss, the majority of customers are usually 8 yuan dishes, food is relatively small number of people less than 10 yuan. Now the restaurant all price is set at 8 yuan, 8 yuan ordinary who eat fast food and old customers can confidently place the original price of 10 yuan of food, and also recruit friends to call friends, word of mouth, brought a lot of new customers. In this way, the original 10 yuan vegetable food appears to decline in profits, but the number of customers has increased the overall profit doubled.

to do business in the end how to price the goods, but it has a lot of knowledge, if you want to get the price can be recognized by consumers, you need to put more effort in the pricing work. In fact, doing retail is not so. Through the optimization of commodity prices, in order to attract more consumers, so as to drive the sales of other goods, although on the surface is in profits, in fact the whole profit is rising, this is a small business owner price optimization strategy.

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