Suqian promotion of young talents in returning farming business

Most of the young

had engaged in agricultural work as a low-end choice, along with the development of modern agriculture and the countryside to carry out electronic commerce, modern agricultural potential gradually, gradually increased to business people engaged in agricultural production.

for the Suqian municipal government to seriously implement the "notice" of young people during the Spring Festival to do the promotion work of the farmer entrepreneurial spirit of the document, Sucheng District nonggong ban the use of migrant workers returning home before the Spring Festival time, a variety of ways to carry out a campaign of young talent farming industry.

A is in a large set of special purchases for the Spring Festival propaganda. February 1st – 5 day, Sucheng people’s Square held a large set of the use of special purchases for the Spring Festival, people catch large sets of special purchases for the Spring Festival staff rushed to the scene in time opportunity for promotion. Two is in front of large supermarket publicity. February 4th – 6 day, organization staff set up a booth in the city were Darunfa, Lotte Mart, Suguo supermarket, issued the "Suqian youth talent guide" and "farming venture funded by the majority of young people a letter". Three is in the recruitment site propaganda. February 10th – 12 day, booth held in Yiwu International Trade City recruitment publicity guide young talents in farming business.

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