Hunan Province the impoverished village rich business leader demonstration training classes

this as we learn a lot of knowledge, if not through the system to learn, do not understand for the public, the same business market for the country to carry out related training activities. In August 16th, sponsored by the Hunan Provincial Office of poverty alleviation, Hunan Agricultural University hosted the impoverished village of Hunan province management demonstration rich business leader training in Hunan Agricultural University classes. This training course 117 students, from the province’s 15 counties in the poor village.

entrepreneurial leadership training model, sub management and entrepreneurial technology-based. Business management type rich business leader demonstration classes, including the Hunan science and Technology Vocational College, the Hunan Radio&TV University hosted a phase 3 training base organized demonstration class has a management type rich business leader model class of 363 students. In August 16th, Hunan also hosted the "bio mechanical and electrical engineering technology in Hunan province impoverished village entrepreneurship demonstration rich business leader training, trainees 302 people.

Through the above 4

Hunan demonstration training base held training courses, and after the 7 training base, cultivating entrepreneurs for the impoverished village, build a business platform, training a large number of poor villages in entrepreneurship development, income increase, the early realization of precise poverty alleviation, precise poverty.

The establishment of

professional training, will be able to let more people get systematic training and services for entrepreneurs have a more comprehensive understanding and understanding, then we can have a better development in the business on the road. Therefore, through the development of such training courses, we have reason to believe that the cause of Hunan will be better development.

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