How old Hot pot pot in Chongqing

operating a hot pot restaurant how to look at the key to the success of the taste, authentic hot pot will never be abandoned by consumers. The authentic taste of Chongqing Hot pot or pan Chongqing. How old Hot pot, the pot Hot pot? See Xiaobian to introduce you.

Chongqing old pot Hot pot was born in 1998, over the years we focus on Chongqing Hot pot small investment, you can shop 150 thousand. Operating area of less than 200 square meters of investment projects in Chongqing hot pot, is the first choice of urban, county, township and village investors. Old fashioned Hot pot pot has won the "Chongqing famous Hot pot", "China name Hot pot", "Chinese famous Hot pot", "national green food unit".


Hot pot pot of fresh vegetables.

food and beverage industry is guided by the market, Chongqing has a good old-fashioned pot Hot pot in the national high profit of more than 90% stores, widely praised by consumers fully affirmed investors. Obviously, backed by a good shade tree, an old-fashioned investment pot Hot pot stores, the risk of small, quick, guaranteed income stability, is at the initial stage of the entrepreneurs and investors can contact the food and beverage industry, has very value.

anterior go15, after 10 years of market competition temper, always adhering to the "practical man, scientific work" business philosophy, "the development of a shop, a shop shop success principle", and strive to cooperate copy of wealth in the shortest time.

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