Baidu Post Bar father Yu Jun joined the restaurant chef network procurement platform

On the eve of the Spring Festival

NetEase Francisco February 12th, a message on the Internet to spread: the former Baidu vice president of products, Post Bar father Yu Jun will join the chef network. NetEase, science and technology from the internal network chef confirmation that Yu Jun had arrived in Beijing in February 7th net core members met the chef, but officially joined on the net, the chef did not provide more information.

Yu Jun was hailed as the father of the Internet industry". Early Yu Jun into the search engine industry developed "shocking" resume, still in the Internet circle widespread, as a dream come true "daoshan, under the sea of fire" won a lot of praise.

May 2001, Yu Jun joined Baidu as search engine product marketing manager, senior manager, marketing director, chief product architect, Baidu products committee chairman in December 2006, served as vice president of Baidu products, Baidu is the number of user oriented product designer and promoter, is also one of the earliest China search engine research and extension who is the core and leader of Baidu product design, Baidu Post Bar, Baidu know many other products are directly related to Yu Jun. June 30, 2009, Yu Jun officially leave Baidu. But in the resignation letter did not disclose the next career planning.


net is new domestic catering procurement platform. Last week, the site announced $15 million financing. According to the chef CEO Yuan Taotao, chef network user group is mostly small and medium-sized restaurant owner, for each individual city on the circulation of agricultural products, including restaurant owners, distributors, traders to provide procurement service. "The goal is to get them to sleep more than two hours."

currently, Yu Jun joined the chef net post details are still unclear. As of press time ago, the chef network official and Yu Jun declined to comment on this news. (Wen Quan)

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