Open a shop like Hot pot as source Hot pot is what kind of experience

hot pot brand how to see? What kind of good? The image of the hot pot shop in your heart is not in the center of the commercial streets, crowded small shops, the taste will attract consumers will attract a steady stream of consumers, everything seems very busy. But Xiao Bian to tell you, really tall on the hot pot shop is to allow consumers to feel hot pot VIP class.

Longjiang Hot pot this brand more than ten years of development, already has hundreds of direct, stores, nearly a thousand employees, annual output value reached 100 million yuan, and increased steadily year by year, specializes Hot pot bottom material in addition to many domestic city marketing, are exported to Hong Kong and Macao, Australia, Canada and other places. Its brand advantages are:

What is the grade

Guojianglong Hot pot Hot pot brand

features traditional products

We are committed to the traditional

products do, do fine; the essence of heritage for centuries in Chongqing Hot pot, combined with modern technology, the soup flavor, spicy but not dry, fresh and not greasy, spicy and delicious in one, let your Hot pot business more competitive, more features of


shop mode free custom

we are careful to customize a variety of business models for your shop. Whether it is the business district, community, office buildings, self-help, self-help, buffet meals, we provide you with more professional advice, tailored to the most suitable for your model!

original brand culture

we subvert traditional culture in the same Hot pot wharf, red culture, the original "dragon Buju defeated" Yulgang theme culture, perfect about a generation, a city, a life, a memory, a taste of the present, to meet the social mainstream consumer groups, to set up shop, small accurate and fast, to create "Yulgang" as the name of the brand personality Hot pot.

personality elements to create visual space

We adhere to the

light decoration, the decoration decoration ideas, design team, local slang and exaggerated creative hand-painted decorative picture combining elements, personality, fashion and not lose Chongqing regional characteristics of the visual effects, for you to save money, save time, worry.

professional operations assistant shop

We have professional

guidance with operation experience for you, personnel training, technical support, supervision and diagnosis, etc., as your shop supervisor, for every investment you shoulder the responsibility, more willing to become your long-term partner.

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