The business is not good

although every businessman wants their business can be hot, but in the actual operation of the process, the business is not good enough to say that a lot of shops operating a normal. So, the business is bad how to do? Xiao Bian recommend that you may wish to move the counter. Business is not good to move counter – this sentence seems to be a joke, in fact, there are some truth. It tells us anything (including business) will change, if we rest on our laurels, will be out of the market.

years of retail experience told me that the market will not only change with the seasons, and will change with the changes in the display position.

I shop before doing salesman, know the importance of the location of the commodity display. After their own shop, I attach great importance to store merchandise display. Summer is the season for the sale of all kinds of drinks, I put all the drinks on display in the mouth of the golden position. Although the profit is small, but the sales volume is big, the turnover is quick, is the summer profit pillar. Since the beverage is displayed at the entrance of the shop, it is convenient to avoid the excessive consumption of the customer and the congestion of the store, and also avoid the difficulty of the customer to take care of.

a few days ago, a friend came to my shop and asked: "how do you put the drink inside, so it will not affect sales?" "Now the sudden drop in temperature, has been in the" dormant "beverage, liquor, gift is the theme of sales! After several months of off-season ‘hone’, should also let them show style. Customers can be the first time to find the goals of their needs, both to save time, but also to the limited counter shops play the most significant role!" I explained to my friend. The words say friends nodded.

is now a lot of retail stores, will only add goods throughout the year, but will not adjust the counter. After all, the counter is full of goods, a very difficult to adjust at any time. As everyone knows, it is because of this millennium unchanged image, will affect the store business. So, if the store business is not good, naturally need to take into account the counter problem oh.

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