Titanic 2 exposure in 2018 set sail from China

recently called the Titanic 2 cruise was exposed by the media, the ship fully engraved the original Titanic, in 2018 from Jiangsu to Dubai in the Middle East Chinese sail.

maybe each seen "Titanic" movie everyone was shocked by the scenes of luxury in the film, no matter how the later modern cruise or Hua Mei, but no one can match the visibility of the Titanic. A ship in full accordance with the original copy, the Titanic was named "Titanic new cruise No. 2" has basically completed the construction, in 2018 China from the port of Jiangsu to Dubai, to achieve people’s hearts "Titanic dream".

in order to fully reproduce the "Titanic" luxury scenery, a replica of a show with a prototype of it almost as like as two peas structure, such as a small swimming pool, will provide the same size of the bathroom and Edward Turkey Edwardian gym, also according to the prototype configuration settings, two first-class cabin class and three class, and the same size of the restaurant and radio room etc..

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