Langfang City general support Pratt & Whitney entrepreneurship and employment activities

Hebei province attaches great importance to the quality of employment and entrepreneurship, requiring a person to start a successful business. Therefore, to the people who need to provide a very good learning opportunities. Hebei, Langfang, the general staff on the Pratt & Whitney, entrepreneurial work to study in Beijing.

office at the beginning of the establishment of Langfang City, vice president of the Federation of trade unions Wang Taishan led all the members rushed to Beijing city to promote the union members support the work of employment, Pratt & Whitney for the exchange of learning. At the time of day, the Langfang Municipal Federation of trade unions has come to Beijing, Beijing, Dongcheng District workers Service Center staff service center, Beijing Jiaodaokou Street Union service station to visit and study the Beijing city union construction three service system experience, service center staff of Dongcheng District set up three service system at the basic level trade union work mode good workers Service Center Street, union service station.



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