The real reason for your secret variable Hot pot shop crayfish shop

do not know if you have not found, may be higher than previously frequented by what aquatic products crayfish store into a Hot pot shop, and some stores even more wonderful, the name has not changed but buy things only Hot pot, you can’t help but wonder asked why, why small lobster shop general make only superficial changes

to blame the lobster Drum Tower shop, for example, recently changed to do the sheep scorpion hot pot. Yesterday, strange lobster Gulou shop supervisor Ms. Chen told reporters, "the weather turns cool, Crawfish Meat thicker, flexibility is poor, so every year from March to early October to operate for several months, the rest are in sheep, fish based scorpion Hot pot."

is located in the north of the downtown Bao Yonggang summer lobster, crayfish brewed and sold, doing business and recently started selling be in full swing, Fried Stuffed Bun, business start breakfast. Cao Qi in the street, a restaurant in front of the name of "crayfish" signs, the reporter saw the store shelves are stocked with fresh and pickled mutton is the bullfrog, etc..

is the latest by the end of December to sell lobster

reporter learned that the Ningbo market, the majority of lobster shop have already stopped selling crayfish, lobster shop is still in business only 0574.

yesterday noon, the reporters came to the 0574 street in front of Cao Qi lobster, called "crayfish will do at the end of December." This shop Lee told reporters "0574 lobster can be said to be the latest Ningbo crayfish sold to restaurants. Seasonal growth of crayfish obviously, every summer, high yield, fat meat, the purchase price is the cheapest. In the fall, yields fell sharply and quality declined. If the temperature drops to below 10 DEG C, in the Yangtze River Basin is not into crayfish, only went to Yunnan to purchase, so the transportation cost will be increased. As a result, many small lobster shops generally do only a profitable summer business."

Ningbo consumers are more picky about aquatic products

Lee introduced, "in Hubei, Jiangsu and other places, business crayfish are doing better than Ningbo time, on the one hand these provinces are crayfish origin, secondly, Ningbo food rich, Ningbo people are very picky about the taste of aquatic products. In the autumn and winter, the supply of all kinds of crab is very rich, many diners to eating crabs."

Ningbo city food and cooking association secretary general Shao Fei, "now there are also some enterprises will go to the shell made of crayfish shrimp, frozen by way of preservation, but the amount is not large." Shao Fei also admitted that Ningbo consumers are very sensitive to the taste of aquatic products, like to eat fresh ingredients, so this is difficult to promote the way of frozen in Ningbo.

to extend the industrial chain food variety show

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