Open small household electrical appliance stores should pay attention to matters

modern people’s daily life in the use of small household electrical appliances products, market demand, consumption, so it is a good investment. Small household electrical appliances store to pay attention to what? Many novice on this issue is not very familiar with the small series provides a few business advice, hoping to provide you with some business guidance.


should be selected in the rental area supermarkets (independent), large living area surrounding the city surrounding large electrical appliances, daily necessities group of market share. Factors to be considered: 1. Population density. 2, the target customer flow. 3, traffic is convenient. 4, the door will be enough eye-catching.

Pay attention to store display small appliances stores:

note that the main products of the best on the counter customers entered the first to see the place.

Pay attention to staff training on small household electrical appliances store:

the main purchase in the business of city local small household electrical appliances wholesale market. Can also go to the domestic distribution center: Shenzhen, Yiwu, Shenyang purchase. The shortcomings of the local purchase price is about 15% higher than the large distribution center, the advantage is to save transportation costs, the local wholesale a few days ago, the general small batch to the goods.

Pay attention to small appliances stores also have many problems:

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