Want to start a partnership with friends these points must be clear

many people want to start a business, but the road is more difficult, some people want to work together with friends to reduce pressure, which is a good way. A number of founders can not only complement each other in skills and knowledge, but also in the other confused, confused, or even give up when others can not replace the support and comfort.

how to allocate equity?

usually this problem and 1, depending on whether the number of shares of stock and have the corresponding right to vote. At the same time, most companies will have a board of directors. Need to make clear what decisions will be submitted to the board of directors, which do not need.




many founders of the contradiction between the origin in understanding how much different to everyone. Especially in the early stages of the company, because the company’s future is still a lot of unknowns, so everyone will have a relatively large investment situation. This need >

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