Money shop clever name

everyone has each person’s name, it will follow our life, so from now people attach great importance to this name, in fact, is also the case for the store, a good name can often bring unlimited wealth.

how to store the name? A good shop name should have two characteristics:

how to store the name? A: Yiqingbielian


new company with the best old company can have good continuity, so that consumers have a "faithless heart. Such as Procter & Gamble, the company has produced a variety of shampoo and washing supplies. "Sampo enterprise" and "new science and technology" is also the case of empathy. If the brand or company after the "flavor of love" and a "haizhiwei", "master" after another "master", the corporate image will be more sustained in the public mind, so it is easy to


how to store the name of rule two: upgrade of


if the new brand names cannot be a commodity after the old upgrade or will easily outlast the corporate image! Even if you use the name alone. "XXX Cola" after the emergence of "XXX pure water" is a case. More conservative companies will usually be driven by the parent brand sub brand to ensure that the upgrade results.

how to shop name? Rule three: different song cannot be the same as

how to store the name? The name of rule four: impact

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