What is the secret weapon of success in the green tea restaurant

we know that the green tea restaurant on the market is very hot, but why such a product can be popular in the market, the product behind the success of what is the reason? Why is it able to usher in up to thousands of people every day? Let’s see.

reduce risk

in the food industry, McDonald’s and KFC location have strict site selection process and planning, which can greatly improve the risk caused by the location problem.

location just to expand new city the first step in the shop, every time I go to a new city, Green Tea also detailed investigation of a large number of food and beverage. In addition to the staff investigation, in the online search for the local data, Green Tea data analysis staff dedicated to the careful study of the data online, for example, Green Tea in Chongqing before going to the shop, will search for popular consumption in Chongqing’s price range in the public comment.


After trying

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