Three should pay attention to the details of the good shops rent

do a lot of business people, a lot of business is the need to open a shop, usually rented shop, how to find the right store? Shop, to identify the location, to find a suitable store, to choose a good location and so on, the shop is not open on the open, we must do a good job in a series of preparatory work, including rent shops. The following is a note of rent shops:

rental store notes: the store itself

, in fact, a lot of seemingly prosperous gold lots, the government is in the demolition plan. Some unscrupulous owners will be posted at the door on the sublet notices, the intention of fishing for a ticket to leave. At this time, eager to shop the most gullible people. So, before renting the store, we must make a careful investigation of the situation of the store.

rental store notes: landlord background

found the store don’t hurry, the best first heard from the side of the real landlord (i.e., property owners) on the background of basic understanding, feel reliable after contact. In addition, once successful, it is important to note that the formal agreement must be signed with the property owners to change the name of the lessee.

rental shops attention: competition with the industry

in addition to the above mentioned two points, there is also the last point is very important, you want to successfully set up the details of the need to pay attention to more than three points, mainly operating performance, the price level of goods. Investigation of the same lot of the same store operating performance, can be estimated to rent the store may produce profit margins; and investigate their commodity price level, in order to determine their future commodity prices. These are very necessary.

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