Some entrepreneurs start empty handed

can often hear who is the start empty-handed, then build up the family fortunes, then start empty-handed really exist? Is there really, today we share a few, many people have a dream of entrepreneurial wealth, but lack of funds, even some small businesses do not, and in desperation had to give up the dream of entrepreneurship. Let Xiaobian to introduce several start empty-handed entrepreneurial stories!

1, how to make use of cheap agricultural products to make money.

2011 at the end of the year, a small southern radish price is very cheap. Can be said to be sold, the last low to 6 cents a pound, a stranger saw the chance to spend one thousand yuan once bought ten tons, and the farmers around the courtyard, hire some farmers, the radish processed into dried radish, which can earn a yuan per kilogram in case short time at hand to the capital city of the hotel and the wholesale market. Less than a month and a half, sold out. In fact, there are a lot of agricultural products, valuable in the city, such as corn, such as potatoes, such as sweet potatoes, these three are relatively well preserved, but also the most serious waste in rural areas.

of course, strictly speaking, not waste, is not to play the greatest value. In rural areas, often used to feed the pigs, too bad, as long as a little transformation, such as corn fry, or made to sell popcorn, potatoes can be boiled or dried as crisps, starch extraction.

sweet potato starch can be extracted. And so on, and then sold to the city, can produce additional value. Do this kind of business has a good, generally do not need to have their own factory, the direct use of the farmers’ site, the farmers around the product can be produced, very cost savings.

2, by the shop man goods, for their own money.

friends opened a duck neck shop, but did not open for 1 months, because there is no considerable flow of people, and then ended in failure, not much money at hand.

one day he suddenly thought, when he opened the duck neck shop, purchase in the wholesale market, but also know a few open duck shop owner, a conversation to know, everyone is not good to do business. He thought, can not find the owner to purchase, sell to Internet cafes to go inside, at the beginning of a little point, with the relationship between acquaintances, sellers can first payment after.

risk is small, the key is to make himself, his errands on the line. We are acquaintances, sold out the goods to pay, the duck shop owner, is also very happy to such a salesman.

so he bought a second-hand electric car, on the Internet to sell duck, duck leg, duck and so on, recommended

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