2016 domestic mobile phone list

Since the birth of the concept of

mobile phone, people began to really feel the convenience of the mobile phone, the product sales in the market is also increasing. With the rise of new forces, the domestic mobile phone is also facing the pattern of shuffling, domestic mobile phone is no longer limited to the cost of low-end machine, also occupy an increasingly important position in the high-end field. Today, we combine the overall strength of the brand, the secret of the domestic mobile phone rankings in 2016 to see how many of your mobile phone?

2016 domestic mobile phone list sixth: OPPO

had to say, OPPO online promotion really do a good job, I believe love watching TV users have deep experience. No matter is the title sponsor advertising or program, can let us understand promptly to the OPPO launched the latest mobile phone, and a type of publicity is subtly ingrained in our minds, believe that "the charge for five minutes, two hours of talk" children can easily tell. In a recent data survey, OPPO beat HUAWEI, millet, mobile phone sales to become the first domestic line. At the same time, the value of OPPO has been an important factor in user choice, and with the improvement of performance configuration, OPPO’s influence in the domestic mobile phone is also growing!

2016 domestic mobile phone list fifth: nuts

hammer from the birth of the joke gradually to the reality, with the release of its nut phone, the only talk about the feelings of the brand gradually down-to-earth, nuts in the second half of 2015 performance is very good. Android mobile phone system and most of the attention, Smartisan OS have very distinctive features, and the feature set is very humane, if carefully adhere to develop it, believe there will be better in the development of mobile phone nuts in the domestic mobile phone.

2016 domestic mobile phone list fourth: one plus

is a plus mobile phone is a red first in foreign domestic mobile phone, with high cost and strict industrial design, make a great reputation in overseas and suffering, even became the main foreign electricity supplier website promotion products…… In China it is a real fire with a mobile phone 2 launch, and the Advertising Spokesperson Han Han have a unique style, you can see a plus is a character of the brand, rarely see a plus with domestic brands of tear force war, more is silently their fans circle.

2016 domestic mobile phone list third: Meizu

as a custom ROM veteran brand, Flyme actually than millet MIUI known earlier, the charm of blue series products have a very good.

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