Datong 2015 venture employment exceeded the target

at the dawn of the new year, all units are reviewing their results over the past year. Datong in 2015 has made good progress in Entrepreneurship and employment, fully realized the objectives of the year.

in our city vigorously implement the strategy of giving priority to employment, set up economic development and expand the interaction mechanism of employment. The expansion of employment as an important consideration in the development of economy, the adjustment of industrial structure and investment, formulated to promote the 30 policy measures for the development of small and micro enterprises, to encourage and support the development of employment capacity of small and micro enterprises and services.

at all levels of the city’s public employment service agencies to strengthen employment services and business services, according to the annual employment difficulties, college graduates and migrant workers employment focus groups, regularly carry out the "reemployment assistance" "spring action" private enterprise recruitment week "the recruitment of college graduates" employment service month "into the campus" large public employment service activities, to build the employment service platform for all types of job seekers.

entrepreneurial city to create activities to flourish, entrepreneurship has achieved remarkable results. In view of the current status of City Labor oversupply, strengthen the export of labor services, the establishment of "training and employment rights," three-in-one labor output mode, and Beijing, Tianjin, Inner Mongolia, Liaoning, Shandong, Jiangsu and other places to establish a cooperative labor relations, strengthen the rural surplus labor force organized output.

2015, the city urban unemployed re employment training 8910 people, complete the objectives and tasks of 111.4%; entrepreneurship training 3919 people, complete the objectives and tasks of 130.6%; new workforce training 565, complete province issued the objectives and tasks of the 113%; rural labor force skills training 31400 people, complete the objectives and tasks of the 110.6 recommended

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