Operating convenience stores need to pay attention to what matters

shop is not a simple thing, requires a lot of processes, otherwise there will be a lot of errors. Convenience store is the first choice of open shop project, so how to manage a good convenience store? How can you let a convenience store run smoothly? Then you have to pay attention to the matter, as long as you do a good job, you can certainly open a convenience store, their own easy when the boss.

A, the administration of industry and Commerce Management:

two, store layout, exhibition planning:

three, store decoration, equipment purchase:

four, item selection and procurement:

five, information system installation and data initialization:

POS software selection, POS system erection, basic data and commodity information input, such as

and the number of staff positions that, working time and time arrangement of

need decoration shop inside there are three main aspects, namely, ceilings, walls and floors, because these are the main factors that constitute the internal environment of the convenience store. If these factors do not play their role, and with the external decoration coordination, it can not achieve the overall image of the convenience store image, which will affect the operational efficiency and sales efficiency. Guangzhou two door refrigerator freezer refrigerator freezer supermarket convenience store

open so that the convenience store is not easy, to seize the above issues, this article makes you know how to operate the convenience store, convenience store business how to do the trick, so much hope you can master these, of great help for your future business, so can not be underestimated, but also careful experience, effort the shop opened.