What are the investment strategy how to invest it

Merchants Merchants, as the name suggests, is to find some franchisees sponsors and investors, but why do they believe you, and it will become your "homework", usually pay attention to strategies and methods, which of course is no exception for China merchants.

in the investment process, public relations is the first, and advertising is secondary, imagine, even if you have good advertising investment, but there is no strong public relations team, is also very difficult to succeed, that is to say, only when advertising to attract popularity is far from enough. Should be allowed to consult the people and retain the successful contract and this is the most important. You know not every investment unit can have extraordinary creativity, through advertising to attract orders, Super Girls is not so much, this is not creative each unit can think so, establish their own excellent public relations team is the priority among priorities.

The main point is:

after China Merchants essence, I believe you will be able to deeply realize how to investment, investment ideas do not have to seek will be smoothly done or easily solved, this is called the enemy awareness.

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